Optimized Refurbishment for Efficient Solar Roofs (EST)

Information in Swedish

EST aims to contribute with new knowledge and solutions for roof renovation with solar cells in multi-dwelling buildings and premises. In the project coordinated by RISE, we will, together with our partners from academia and business, follow the planning of 5-10 renovation projects to develop new knowledge, inspire and initiate demonstration of new, more efficient construction- and installation concepts. Managers of the client networks within BeBo (dwellings), BELOK (premises) and the National Renovation Center NRC will act as a reference group and later the networks will be used to exploit the project’s results

The objectives of the project are:

  • To contribute to an accelerated, efficient and quality-oriented market development for roof renovation with solar cells
  • Enabling business development and new industrial cooperation in the area.


  • At least five detailed case studies are conducted, with technical, financial and organizational focus on roof renovation with solar cells on different types of buildings and with different types of property owners.
  • New knowledge about the most important obstacles and opportunities for efficient renovation of roofs with solar cells, including proposals for solutions, is developed.
  • At least two proposals for roof renovation with solar cells are realized in concrete construction projects that have begun within the project period
  • Several Swedish actors have worked with systems for roof-integrated solar or prefabricated solar roofs in recent years. In connection with the project, we expect to be able to initiate several demonstration projects where these can have the opportunity to enter the construction market.
  • At least 30 property owners are addressed to take part in and discuss the project’s results

The following companies and organizations are partners in the project:

AB Bostäder Borås, Chalmers University of Technology AB, Cowi AB, Einar Mattsson Fastighetsförvaltning AB, Elementum ECO AB, Gårdstensbostäder, Municipality of Gothenburg, Dalarna University, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden (Initiator and project owner) Solkompaniet Sweden, Soltech Energy and Wästbygg.

The National Swedish Energy Agency via the research program E2B2 and participating organizations and companies

The project started in August 2018 and runs until December 2020